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RhinoMan 6 RC24 released.


RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 23 released.


RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 21 released.


RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 20 released.


RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 19 released.


RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 18 released.


RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 16 released.

12 -31-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 15 released.

12 -27-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 14 released.

12 -20-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 13 released.

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 12 released.

12 -16-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 11 released.

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 10 released.

12 -14-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 9 released.

12 -12-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 8 released.

12 -09-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Candidate 7 released.

12 -06-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Canidate 6 released.

12 -02-2004

RhinoMan 6 Release Canidate 5 released.

10 -21-2004

RhinoMan beta 12U released. The official first release is getting closer...

10 -19-2004

RhinoMan beta 12s released.

10 -14-2004

RhinoMan beta 12P released.

10 -12-2004

RhinoMan beta 12N released.

10 -05-2004

RhinoMan beta 12i released.

09 -29-2004

RhinoMan beta 12h released.

09 -27-2004

RhinoMan beta 12g released.

09 -21-2004

RhinoMan beta 12d released.

09 -20-2004

RhinoMan beta 12c released.


09 -16-2004

RhinoMan beta 12b released.

New features:


09 -15-2004

RhinoMan beta 12 released.

New features:


09 -10-2004

New features:

RhinoMan beta 11N released.


07 -23-2004

New features:

RhinoMan beta 11 released. Some bug fixes from the previous version enabling support for global shadow mapping control, some PrMan shaders were compiled incorrectly causing raytraced shadows to not work properly, and the buttons for Choosing HDRI maps was not enabled.


07 -22-2004

New features:

Automatic shadow mapping is now enabled along with all the controls available on the light-shadows properties page. You can now use raytracing or shadow mapping to get blurred shadows in renderings.

Global Illumination controls have been re-written. By simply checking one box, you can get dome lighting effect. There's also now a "color bleeding" checkbox right next to it, that enables the normal Monte Carlo irradiance calculations. HDRI renderings are also now working, although mine don't seem to come out very nice. Maybe someone can email me a tutorial for that? :)


5 -21-2004

RhinoMan Beta 10 available:

Bug fixes: Imager shaders in AIR were not loading properly. A renderer option was added to disable the global default material definition. Displacement shaders in materials were not loading properly when saved inside from rhino files. Lots of other bugs were fixed as well. The "plane" object in the material preview was oriented incorrectly. Orthographic views were not rendered correctly when using 200% or 50% viewport size. Custom viewport sizes were not saved properly in files.  BMRT shadow casting overrides for lights didn't work if they were turned off in the options dialog.

New features: When this is disabled, the default material is not written to the RIB file and all material properties are written as well regardless if they are identical to the default material. An Exposure Gain control was added to the rendering properties. The material property pages have been revised in an attempt to reduce the scrolling needed to access all controls. Custom commands are now much easier to use and include a checkbox to enable\disable them without having to explicitly comment them out. An option to start renderings at a low priority was added to make working in Rhino more responsive when rendering.


03 -17-2004

RhinoMan Beta 9 available:

Loading shaders for BMRT, AIR, 3Delight, and PrMan should be significantly faster now. Custom render sizes were not saved properly in the Rhino file and would reset back to Viewport Resolution when restarting Rhino. Reflections and shadows for the new 3Delight v2 are now working.

02 -20-2004


RhinoMan Experimental version is available:

This will be a permament item for download. It's usually a test version for the next release that I ask people to try out to see if specific bugs have been fixed. It may be very unstable or have strange bugs\behavior so I don't recommend using it. It's on the web site so I can do testing in various places on different computers so I don't have to burn CD's and bring them with me.


02 -19-2004

RhinoMan Beta 8g is available:

Lots of little bugs were fixed and a memory leak as well. Varying output parameters are no longer displayed in the shader dialogs. BMRT shaders with matrices didn't get read properly. 3Delight shaders are updated for 3Delight 2.0. The rhinomansurface shader now has support parameters for multipass rendering. RhinoMan lights now include a __shadow output variable for creating shadow maps.

01 -13-2004

RhinoMan Beta8 is available:

Bugs fixed: The default material would cause problems and crashes in several situations. All Default material settings are now written to the RIB file to ensure default values are correct. Atmosphere shaders would not work due to a misspelling. Duplicate materials are now renamed when opening or importing materials. Nested blocks instances would not properly map the material to the objects. Nested block instances sometimes had incorrect transformations applied causing them to be in the correct place in the rendering. A rare crash would occur when opening the Rendering Manager when using Windows NT4. Objects with no materials would render with the current layer\object color instead of the Default Material color. Irradiance caching is now working for most renderers. It's now possible to use DarkTree shaders in RhinoMan materials. The help file from the older version was also added to the installation program. This file it old now, but most of the content is still useful for the newer versions. I'll be updating the help file soon with the new features and add some more tutorials.

09 -22-2003

RhinoMan Beta5 is available:

All Rhino light types are now enabled for use with Rhinoman including linear lights. Irradiance is now enabled. The current renderer shader directory is automatically recognized by RhinoMan. Custom RIB commands can now be added to both the scene, materials, and objects. It is no longer necessary to add the renderers shader directory to the RhinoMan directory listing. Some crashes when rendering and refreshing the material preview are now fixed. Shadow maps, HDRI, irradiance caching, and caustics are currently being worked on for the next release.

07 -16-2003

RhinoMan for Rhino3 (Beta1) is available:

Area lights are now supported (including Rhino rectangular lights) The standard light types also have functioning controls. DelayedReadArchive is now supported for Rhino Instances (Blocks) This makes rendering obscenly large scenes possible using less renderer memory and dramatically less export time for scenes with many repeated elements. Custom renders can now be added and some addtional renderer tools were added as standard (Vortex and RGL). Tons of bug fixes as well.

04 -25-2003

RhinoMan for Rhino3 is available for early beta to find problems. :) The Shader Manager has been replaced by a tool called "Liquifier". Shaders are loaded into RhinoMan by following these steps:

Two commands are currently added by RhinoMan:

01 -20-2003

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.150   Attempted to fix some bugs in the installer related to 3Delight and Aqsis. Please report troubles with these renderers.

12 -28-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.148   The RhinoMan display window now supports PrMan11. Some commas were not being replaced by decimals when creating shadow maps and the regional settings were set to use commas.

12 -12-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.147   Fixed a bug when exporting materials as RIB files. It's now possible to disable the use of the color and opacity settings on the general page of the Material Properties window. The option is accessed using the RhinoManOptions command and will instead use the "basic" color and transparency from the object proeprties window. Fixed the exporter so that it uses dual processors with the AIR renderer.

11 -01-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.146   Pressing the "refresh" button in the material preview now cancels the existing preview and starts a new one. The RhinoMan installer now does not overwrite the existing custom commands you have added. The warnings about shaders not being loaded in the shader manager have also been removed since they were not very accurate. I'll try and make them more accurate and reenable them later.

10 -31-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.145   Fixed a bug that caused shadows to not be cast when previewing lights and AIR is the renderer. Added an option to the light preview to disable all other lights except the selected one. Dual processor renderings are now split vertically instead of horizontally to make rendering faster.

10 -12-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.144   Added an initialization file for custom commands called "commands.ini" add in any RIB commands you want listed in the custom commands window in the appropriate section in the file. Fixed a bug that caused Tiff files to be re-converted to TIFF when assigning textures through the object properties window. Fixed a bug that caused shaders to be listed as missing, when they were simply not listed in the shader manager. The warning was fixed to show the true problem.

10 -03-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.143   Added a Pixel Filter control to the rendering options. Changed the background imager controls to be a little clearer. Fixed some UI problems when rendering selected objects.

09 -01-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.139   Fixed a bug in the installer that prevented RhinoMan from setting up AIR if it was the only renderer installed on the computer. 3Delight and Aqsis shaders are now imported correctly in the Shader Manager. Added the custom RhinoMan shaders for 3Delight, Aqsis, and RenderDotC.

07 -30-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.138   Added more features for adding custom RIB commands in the RIB file for both materials and options. Commands can now be added in several places and RIB archives are now much easier to build and be useful.

07 -22-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.135   Fixed a bug in the installer that did not recognize Entropy as being installed. Added a new command called RhinoManBuildArchive which creates a RIb archive file of the selected geometry. This is useful for large renders where there is no need to save the entire RIB file for small changes. You can save a part of it using this command and then hide the original geometry after adding a ReadArchive command in the custom options. The archive will be read in during render time in the place you specify. More options with this command are being worked on.

07 -20-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.134   RhinoMan now is much better at reporting missing texture files as well as paying attention to the list of texture directories in the options when searching for them. The installer was modifyed to fix a bug that prevented shaders from compiling on Windows2000\XP. The Irradiance seed file options now use a / instead of a \ in the file location. The pixelfileter was removed from the RIB file when building shadow maps and now instead adds any custom RIB options defined in the plugin options page. Materials that were assigned by layer would not be updated if the material name was changed. The RhinoManMatch command now supports curves.

07 -10-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.132   Fixed a bug that caused meshes to not render when the windows regional settings were set to use a , instead of a . for a decimal separator.

07 -09-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.131   Fixed some installer bug that caused black renderings on Win98/ME. Fixed the texture convertor when using textures other than TIFF files. It was adding double backslashes into the file location.

07 -07-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.130.   New Features include support for RenderDotC, Aqsis, and 3Delight Full support is not working yet for all features, but it should be ok to start testing out. Note that since Aqsis and 3Delight are still not fully developed, that some features of RhinoMan will not be available. See the renderer documentation for more info on supoorted features.  Bug fixes: RhinoMan was not placing converted textures in the output folder when rendering, causing missing textures files to be referenced in the RIB file.

06 -28-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.124.   Fixed a crash that occurred when editing a shader parameter and then clicking the mouse anywhere except the material editor window.  This also fixes the problem that made you click twice to close the editor window or refresh the preview.  Added a menu on the material manager called "Locate missing textures" that searches all materials for missing texture files in shaders are reports missing files on the Rhino command line. The "Keep on top" option in the Display Window was always keeping the window on top even when it was unchecked. Commas are now not replaced in any of the custom commands or attributes windows. A tutorial on using smoke is now available in the help file. Also fixed an installer bug that caused BMRT to not be recognized when installing BMRT for the first time. It did not affect existing users.

06 -19-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.122.   The True Displacement attribute was not being saved in the material file correctly.  Ambient light is now disabled when using irradiance.  The caustics sample was updated to have the entire scene setup instead of requiring the tutorial to see the caustics. Material files are saved in .zip format now to save space and be compatible with older Netscape browsers.

06 -15-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.121.   RhinoMan now writes material files to a temporary file to avoid a corrupt material file when saving is canceled in the middle of the write operation. Once the writing is completed successfully, the temp file will be renamed to the selected filename. RhinoMan now reports a read error on the command line when reading corrupt material files.

06 -11-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.118.    Using "Select Objects" command on in the Material Manager now does not select locked objects. Imager shaders imported for AIR used to be shown as surface shaders. AIR shaders with output variables used to not be listed properly in materials properties windows. The material preview object was not being saved in the material files. Missing textures used to prevent the preview geometry from being written so the preview looked blank. It's now possible to select partial text in shader parameters, although it now takes an extra click to select another parameter. This will probably change.

06 -09-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.117.    Displacement attributes were not being saved in the material files or Rhino files. A quality options was added to the rendering options page to set different quality levels.

06 -08-2002

RhinoMan plug-in version 5.116.    Fixed a bug relating to texture paths in shaders. Added a textures directory to the installer. Texture path directories in the RIB file were missing a " at the end of the line.

06 -06-2002

Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5.115.    Added options for saving specific materials to user defined material libraries. Added first of many libraries called "wood" which has several wood materials. You can also create new materials and "send" them to any library you wish.  Bug fixes: Previewing materials will now notify the user of missing shaders or texture files. RhinoMan now looks for textures in the "Materials" folder in the plug-in directory.  It also tries to look at the directory that any material files are loaded from making it easier to transfer materials with textures to different computers.

05 -12-2002

Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5.019. Fixed some crashing problems. Fixed the rendering resolution so when it is set to 1280x1024 is actually uses that resolution. Editing materials did not always save all settings after closing the editor window.

05 -07-2002

Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5016. Modified the user interface to be a little simpler (hopefully) when editing materials. Added more Depth of field options to get the camera focal distance directly from the active viewport. Fixed a memory leak when refreshing material previews and fixed a bug that caused Rhino to crash in some rare cases.

04 -06-2002

Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5013. PrMan shaders can now be imported into the shader manager. The RhinoMan render window used to crash erratically on WinNT4 or Win98. This was caused by the display fix in version 5012.

04 -06-2002

Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5012. Fixed the RhinoMan Display to update the rendering more reliably. it used to fail to load the rendering until it finished in some cases.

04 -02-2002

Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5011. Right-Click context menus can now be assigned to shader source files. PrMan shaders were installed into the wrong directory.  Caustics now have a global switch to turn them on or off without modifying the materials. This makes it nice for testing renderings without caustics. The .tx and .tex image format extensions is added to all windows that let you choose image files.  Shader definitions and illustrations were added to the help file to explain what the shaders that are included with RhinoMan do.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5010.  Fixed the installer to add right-click menus as an option instead of by default. Added the PrMan version of the standard RhinoMan shaders.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5009.  Added an option to disable the auto refreshing of material previews when opening the material editor window. An option to turn off caustics is also now included on the Rendering options page.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5008.  RhinoManMakeShadowMap command used to not work is the computer had dual-processors. RhinoMan was improperly trying to convert shadow map files to TIFF format and failing, sometimes by crashing. PrMan is now enabled again. It has it's own shaders file with properly mapped RhinoMan names. The installation program now scans the PATH variable of the computer and only installs renderer specific files if it locates a particular rendering application. For instance, if you do not have PrMan installed, then RhinoMan will not install any PrMan shaders or .ini files


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5007.  RhinoMan now remembers the file extension last used when opening or importing materials. You can now turn off the checkerboard pattern for materials in the Edit Preview window for any material.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5006.  Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using the RhinoManAssign command. Added support for reading AIR material files using the RhinoManOpen command.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 5002.  Fixed a bug that caused TIFF image files to be unnecessarily re-converted to the TIFF format when rendering.  Mesh quads are now not converted to triangles when exporting the RIB file.

New Feature: There are three different Shader initialization files. One file for AIR, BMRT, and Entropy. Each file is pre-loaded with the shaders that come with the specific renderer.  You can now have different shaders for different renderers and not have to have a bunch of extra shaders listed that are not used for the renderer you choose. If you have customized your old Shaders.ini file, you can rename it to match one of the new files and RhinoMan will use that instead.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 4.999.  Fixed a crash bug that only occurred on WindowsNT4.0. Fixed a bug in the texture converter that would not auto-convert the file if it's file extension was upper case. Also added a new tutorial describing how to rotate/scale texture mapped surfaces.


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 4.997.  Added a progress bar to the material preview..


Released RhinoMan plug-in version 4.996.  This release is close to the final release of 5.0.   After 5.0 is released, no updates other than minor bug fixes will be available until version 6.0 is ready to begin beta testing in 2003.