The ObjectViewer plug-in displays a list of all objects in the Rhino file organized in their grouping structure.

Using this plug-in you can:

1. View a tree-list of all objects in the scene, even hidden objects.
2. Select objects in the viewer window and edit them without ungrouping them first.
3. Use a right-click menu to edit object properties including name and visibility state.
4. Grouped objects are displayed under their group name in folders.

Commands: ObjectViewer - Displays the viewer window.

Price: Free

Rhino version: 4.0 and above




The SuperSelect plug-in for Rhinoceros 3.0 lets the user select objects based on different properties. Three commands are added to Rhino:

1. SelCopy - Selects geometrically similar objects in the scene according to a user defined tolerance.
2. SelObjectMaterial - Selects objects that match any of the selected objects material names.
3. SelObjectLayer - Selects objects on the same layer as the selected objects.


Price: Free

Rhino version: 3.0 and above




BatchConvert.zip -Converts directory of Rhino files to other formats and visa-versa. Also includes an option to clear the meshes from Rhino files so they take up less hard disk space.
Rhino_PipeCurves.zip - Creates a pipe surface from multiple curves.